We take real pride and care in how our special blend and coffee is prepared for you in store. Our baristas (coffee makers) are the most important people in the Caffè Nero team. The baristas combine their passion, skills, knowledge, and artistry to prepare coffee. It is down to them to produce a great espresso every time and to make all our customers feel at home. We always try to make your coffee how you like it but if it isn't to your taste, we'll replace it. Great coffee is their passion and their craft!

Our Barista Training

We have a dedicated team of trainers who ensure that our baristas are fully trained in the art of making the perfect espresso. We run four training schools in the UK (London, Swindon, Manchester and Glasgow) and trainee baristas undergo intensive training before arriving in store. When they join their team in store new baristas then serve a practical apprenticeship, trained by a Maestro, until they pass an advanced coffee making test.

Only then they can begin to serve customers on their own, you will recognise a trainee barista in Caffè Nero because they wear a maroon t-shirt. Please be patient with them! Only after they have graduated to become a barista, they are allowed to wear our famous black t-shirt.

After graduating and mastering each of the coffee recipes, our baristas learn how to make coffees fast. Very fast. In fact, an experienced barista will serve lots of different customers at the same time and can have a regular’s drink ready and waiting before they have even ordered it! We always provide a one to one service so our baristas can tailor make coffees and get to know how their regulars like their drinks.

Working as a barista at Caffè Nero is hard work but also a lot of fun!