Coffee Based Drinks

The Caffè Nero espresso serves as the foundation for all our iced coffee drinks so once again the drink
is only as good as the espresso. All our iced coffee drinks are made with two shots of Caffè Nero house
blend espresso coffee.

Classic Frappé Latte 

Unique to Caffѐ Nero - our famous and most popular iced coffee drink. Caffѐ Nero espresso, milk, ice and our special frappe mix are blended together to make this a refreshing, creamy and smooth tasting drink, that's also low in fat! Try it and find out why it has such a loyal following.

Iced Latte

Our refreshing Classic Iced Latte is a simple mix of espresso coffee, milk and hint of sweetness over ice. It is not blended but simply mixed with the ice cubes. For a flavoured Iced Latte ask for a shot of syrup. Vanilla, Hazelnut and Caramel syrups are also available as sugar free. Iced Latte can be made with soya milk if you prefer.

Mocha Frappé Latte

This is identical to the Classic Frappé Latte but we add chocolate powder to the espresso, along with the milk, ice and frappé mix, and blend everything together. The result is a smooth and chocolatey drink with a kick of Caffè Nero espresso - the best of both worlds!

Iced Coffee (or Iced Americano)

The original Iced Coffee, very continental and refreshing. A simple mix of espresso coffee, ice and water, it is generally not blended but simply mixed with ice cubes. You may have it made with milk instead of water if you prefer.

Frappé Crème

Luxurious, cool and smooth, the Frappé Crème

collection uses only the highest quality ingredients to create deliciously indulgent Iced Drinks all finished with whipped cream.

NEW Coffee & Caramel

The classic and indulgent taste of our Frappé Latte, enhanced with a base of caramel sauce, topped with fresh whipped cream and a caramel swirl.

Coconut & Chocolate

The exotic taste of creamy coconut on decadent layer of chocolate finished with fresh, whipped cream and dusted with flakes of bittersweet chocolate.

Strawberry & Vanilla

The classic combination of sweet strawberries and velvety vanilla blended and poured onto a layer of strawberry puree, topped with lashings of cream and strawberry swirl.

Banana & Caramel

The indulgent blend of sweet banana and vanilla on a layer of golden caramel, topped with freshly whipped cream and a flourish of caramel sauce.

Fruit Boosters

Iced, fruity and naturally refreshing, our Fruit Boosters are freshly blended with ice. Delicious, thirst quenching and 99% fat free!
We do not use any artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and there are no dairy or gluten ingredients in our Fruit Booster recipes.
Raspberry, Orange & Green Tea

Mango & Passion Fruit

Italian Iced Lemonade

Frappé Milkshakes

We blend our French syrups with milk, ice and our special frappé mix to create these delicious milkshakes. Try the Strawberry or Vanilla, or you can create your own flavour using any of the syrups behind the bar.

The Chocolate Frappé is made using our chocolate powder, blended with milk, ice and our frappè mix.
All of our milk based iced drinks can be made with skimmed milk or soya milk. The frappé mix we use contains milk powder, so none of these drinks will be completely dairy free. You can of course ask the barista not to use the frappé mix. The coffee based drinks can be made with decaffeinated coffee.