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Not Just Any Bean

Every Bean Has A Story

Our resident Coffee Master knows there are no shortcuts to sourcing great coffee. A born explorer and expert in soil and crops, he has devoted his life to seeking out the most progressive coffee farmers across Latin America, East Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Those who truly understand the relationship between bean and environment. We work alongside the Rainforest Alliance to encourage long-term sustainability and are in constant conversation with growers, doing whatever we can to guarantee quality and consistency. Building these relationships takes time and lots of effort, but we think its worth it.

The beans we select are grown at high altitudes, in rich soil, and picked by hand at exactly the right time in their harvest cycle. They are simply better quality beans and able to complement our meticulous roasting methods.

Our Classico Blend

A Signature We Never Stop Perfecting

Our espresso owes its distinctive, full-bodied flavour to our founder, Gerry Ford, who left no stone unturned in his drive to create our signature blend nearly 20 years ago.

Tirelessly sourcing, selecting, and tasting combinations of beans from across the coffee-growing world we honed our Classico blend. A wonderful, rich flavour with a sweet-spot of boldness and complexity, combined with notes of toasted bread and intense dark chocolate.

Coffee beans are naturally volatile; every batch will be slightly different, depending on how they were farmed. Our Coffee Masters continuously fine-tune our signature recipe (known only by five people in our family-run company) accordingly.

Rich, Remarkable Coffee

Traditional Italian Roasting

We set ourselves apart through our roasting technique. Each coffee batch is gently roasted in high quality equipment able to capture the fullest flavour from every bean.

The moisture content of coffee beans are affected depending where they’re from. So, for our Classico Original Blend, we take the time to choose beans equal in size and density, no matter their origin, allowing for a homogenous roast to maintain a consistent taste profile. Raw beans that were once moist and dense emerge with a rich, dark colour before being meticulously cupped for taste and aroma.

Our Master Roasters – Gaetano and Carlos – have over 70 years of experience between them and control every aspect of the roasting process, down to the millisecond.

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