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Cold Brew - Brewing Guide

Cold Brew At Home
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Cold-brewing is a slow, gentle process that produces an inimitably refined coffee. It may also be the most simple route from beans to drink – grounds are steeped in cold water, left alone, and then thoroughly strained.

However, great cold brew does take three essential variables: the right water-to-coffee ratio, a grind consistency that won’t leave residue in the finished product and, finally, time (some brewers believe cold brew should be left for a full 24 hours before being strained). This ultimately produces a subtly sweet drink with low acidity. It’s by no means the most convenient way to brew, but the payoff is nothing short of extraordinary.

You will need:

  • Toddy cold brewing system

  • Measuring jug

  • 1.65 litres (0.36 gallons) of water

  • 340g (12oz) ground coffee medium coarse grind


  1. Add 200ml (1 cup) of water followed by half of the ground coffee (170g / 6oz)

  2. Pour in half the remaining water (in a circular motion)

  3. Add the rest of the ground coffee

  4. Add the remaining water (in a circular motion)

  5. Leave to brew overnight (18-24 hours)

  6. Serve 1 part coffee, 1 part water or milk

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