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Moka Pot - Brewing Guide

Moka Pot at Home
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The metal body of the stovetop moka pot is timeless. Its strength lies in its compact design (the Italian name, ‘macchinetta’, literally translating to ‘small machine’), which creates a short, powerful coffee while not being much bigger than a single cup itself.

Although the variables, such as coffee freshness, grind and using a low flame when brewing, all need a watchful eye, the process – by which cold water is boiled and forced up through ground coffee – can be relied on to produce a strong and satisfying cup of coffee every time.

You will need:

  • Moka Pot

  • Timer

  • Ground Coffee, medium/fine grind


  1. Unscrew Moka Pot

    A) Fill the filter with ground coffee

    B) Fill bottom chamber with cold water

  2. Screw back together and heat (low) on stove

  3. Take off heat when you hear a bubbling noise

  4. Allow coffee to fill top chamber

  5. Pour and enjoy

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