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Sophie de Quay - Artist of the Month

Our first Artist of the Month for 2024 starts the new year in Caffè Nero in a very international way. Sophie was born in Switzerland, grew up in Singapore and New York, and studied in Geneva, Paris and Shanghai! She might not be that well known in the UK, but we intend to change that! We first heard her in concert in London in late 2023 and immediately thought about her for the Caffè Nero playlist.
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Sophie de Quay has a voice and lyrics that touch and heal the soul; a humanism that denounces injustice, which takes to the 4 corners of the Earth and which speaks of love, the beauty of the world and its madness. A world that Sophie has travelled since childhood. Passionate about people and their ways of life, she has already explored 43 countries, including 15 through her music, a means she uses to make a difference and build bridges between cultures and generations. Definitely a voice of our time!

Sophie works closely with Simon Jaccard, internationally renowned multi-instrumentalist and music producer. Meeting him in February 2016 was a key moment in her musical journey. A meeting which changed both their lives. To date, together, they have more than 300 concerts to their credit. In 2023, they completed a 16-date tour through China, a tour in Romania, dates in Paris, Switzerland, New York and their first date in London which brought them to Caffe Nero! 

We hope she will be playing some live dates in the UK in 2024 but in the meantime you can enjoy her music in every Caffè Nero across the UK at 15.30 for 15 minutes.

Further information about Sophie here.

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