Single Origin: Colombia

Nestled amidst the landscapes of the Andes Mountains lies a treasure trove for coffee enthusiasts – Colombia. Fresh from our roastery, this Single Origin brings out the best of Antioquia, one of the first and well-established coffee regions of Colombia.

Coffees from Antioquia are renowned for their super quality thanks to a combination of high altitude, rich soils, cool to warm climates, and the expertise of several generations of coffee growers.

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Finca La Arboleda

Our Colombian coffee come from a single farm Finca La Arboleda owned by Rigoberto Franco Arroyave or ‘Rigo’ as he’s known locally.

Originally a 15-hectare farm, it was acquired by Rigo’s mother in the 1950’s. At that time, the farm had cattle alongside the coffee.

In 1978, Rigo took over the running of the farm and focussed on making an impact. He started buying land from his neighbours and created a farm that is a model of sustainability in the country.

What to expect from the flavour:

Flavourful, yet delicate, with notes of toffee, blackcurrant, and red apple

Altitude Strength
1500 - 1700m
above sea level

Colombia produces many different flavour profiles of coffee, depending on the terrior, which refers to the unique combination of climate, geography, and soil in different regions of the country. This terroir impacts the flavour profile of coffee by influencing the growth conditions of coffee plants, including temperature, humidity, and soil nutrients. We’ve chosen to source our Colombian coffee from a farm in the Andes, Antioquia region to give us a flavourful profile in a smooth and balanced coffee.

What Is Single Origin?

Unlike a blend, where different varietal’s and beans from all over the world can be used, a single origin is one crop, selected from a single farm in a single region.

The coffee seedlings are planted, grown and harvested by hand to yield a particular flavour, and lovingly cultivated up to maturation by farmers whose unparalleled knowledge means that we get to enjoy an exquisite cup of coffee from a world away.

Bring Colombia Home

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